Virtual Surgery Simulation

Virtual SurgerySIM Inc.

Virtual Surgery Simulation is a VR medical training tool designed to help surgeons practice medical procedures. It is being worked on by Virtual SurgerySIM Inc.

I was brought on to work on the prototype spring 2016. My role was Unreal Developer/ VR Developer Intern. Being part of a start-up though, I wore many hats.

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Fragile Equilibrium


Fragile Equilibrium is a game that uses Shoot-em Up mechanics to deliver a message about facing up to one mortality. As the player fights enemies approaching from the right-side of the screen, the world itself breaks apart from the left.

I was part of a team of 12+ people working in the MAGIC Center at RIT. I was part of the development team working on the gameplay and engine. We used three.js. We used GitHub for Source Control and JIRA for task management.

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VR Star Battle Game (Working Title)

In Development - Personal Project

This game will simulate interstellar fleet action from inside Virtual Reality. It is a room-scale VR experience where you walk around ordering fleets to attack star systems.

It is currently under development for Unreal 4.

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Outpost 26

Team Unreal 4 Project

This project is a multiplayer game where a group of humans must save a space station from an alien. It is being developed by a team of six people. I made the layout of the level and almost all of the art assets.

To make this level, I had to leverage many of Unreal's features. I made use of blueprints to make repeatable pieces. I also used blueprint to make lights that can be turned on and off. Each part of this five part level was made individually. The parts are streamed into a master level file. This means that I can work with each piece without having to worry about the other pieces.

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Tanks of War

Solo Unity Project

This project is an AI simulation of tank combat. I was the sole author. Each tank is controlled by an AI and make use of steering forces to navigate the environment. The AI is capable of creating squads of tanks that move as a unit and maintain cohesion. I programmed the tanks and made the environment. I also made the models and the effects.

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Gamejam/Hackathon Projects


Global Game Jam 2017

Boing is a platformer game designed during the Global Game Jam. A ball moves through the level and the player has to make sure it reaches its destination. The player does this by "plucking" on the strings the ball runs down. Doing it just right results in the ball flinging upwards.

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Soldiers of Heaven VR | Filmtyme

Startup Fest - Hackerfest 2016

I was invited by the managing director of Filmtyme to help them add new features to their VR Film Making platform during the Montreal Hack Fest. My task was to make the user a camera man inside the VR environment. I designed and implemented a virtual steady-cam that is controlled through HTC Vive motion controllers.

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Miscellaneous Projects:

I have not just made games. Here is a collection of other types of projects I am proud of.

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