Boing! Global Game Jam 2017

Boing project screenshot

Project Role:

Developer/Level Designer

Project Description:

Boing is a platformer game designed during the Global Game Jam. A ball moves through the level and the player has to make sure it reaches its destination. The player does this by "plucking" on the strings the ball runs down. Doing it just right results in the ball flinging upwards.

I was part of a team of five. I handled implementing the gameplay into Unity and designing the level.

Play it Here:

Play Boing!!!

Team Members:

  • Anthony Wong
  • Michael Cooper
  • Ben Lyubarskiy
  • Shalyn Oswald
  • Apoorv Verma

My Contributions:

  1. Implemented Gameplay in Unity
  2. Designed the Level

Technology Used:

  1. Unity
  2. Git (Version Control)
  3. Slack (Team Communication)

Boing project screenshot
Boing project screenshot
Boing project screenshot