Soldiers of Heaven VR Filmtyme | Montreal Hack Fest Project

Soldier of Heaven VR project  Screenshot

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Project Description:

Soldiers of Heaven VR is a virtual reality film made by Filmtyme. It is part of their VR filmmaking platform. I was invited by the Managing Director to help them add new features during the Montreal Hack

The goal for the Hack Fest was for the user to be a camera man in a virtual reality set. My job was to implement a steady-cam set-up. It was built using the Unreal Engine 4's Blueprints. The user enters the set with HTC Vive and holds the camera with the Vive controllers. The camera can be set down and the lense can be replaced. My contribution became part of what Filmtyme put up on Steam Early Access.

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Technology Used:

  1. Unreal Engine 4

Soldier of Heaven VR project Screenshot
Soldier of Heaven VR project Screenshot